ANTIQUE BALI romantic honeymoon or private family holidays.



Antique's design artfully blends modern & traditional elements .



Antique Spa offers a variety of spa treatment for your personal indulgence.



Men's Line was officially launched at the Antique Spa located in stylish Umalas, Bali.



April 2009 – The world’s leading professional, face, body and spa brand Pevonia Botanica Men’s Line was officially launched at the Antique Spa located in stylish Umalas, Bali.

Peacefully located among rice paddies and surrounded by the soothing sounds of waterfalls, the Antique Spa artfully blends modern with tradition offering all the warmth and charm of Bali.

Designed using the finest raw materials, the spa is an imaginative mixture of contemporary style in a relaxing environment perfect for the busy man seeking sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This stand-alone spa combines attentive individual service with indulgent Pevonia Botanica spa treatments designed specifically for the male clientele. Antique Spa houses 18 treatment rooms, including private bath tubs and a bar for those who wish to lounge and unwind. The Pevonia Botanica Spa Care for Him is an exclusive range of products tailored specifically to men’s needs, enriching the unique experience portrayed at the Antique Spa. The natural treatments have everything from luxurious, sensual, muscle-warming, skin-softening and spiritual retreat experiences.
Specialized treatments customized for all Antique’s guests include; The Aroma Fusion Facial, Men’s Skin Fit, Eye treatments for Puffiness/Dark circles or Lines and wrinkles, Arozonia Desert Heat Body Wrap and Silky Body Scrub.

“Pevonia Botanica has developed a line of eco-conscious spa products designed for men’s skin concerns, which are distinctly different to the needs of females. Combined with exceptional treatments, it presents a unique approach to men's skin & body care maintaining a healthy & youthful appearance,” says Joshua Purnomo, owner of Antique Spa. “This is because men these days are required to be successful, as well as look good and keep healthy.”
Indulge in relaxing, result based treatments created especially for men. Maintain a harmonious balance in mind, body and spirit and indulge in effective Home Care solutions recommended by your therapist to treat concerns or boost the health of your skin for loner lasting results. Antique Spa is all about finding your own sanctuary or time out in the city, the perfect escape after tiresome office work and endless islands tour.

About Pevonia Botanica
Available in more than 70 countries worldwide, Pevonia Botanica offers a complete line of spa care products formulated with only the most natural and finest botanical and marine ingredients incorporated within technologically advanced formulas and treatments. With its belief that protecting and preserving the planet is a global responsibility, Pevonia Botanica maintains a harmonious balance with nature and its precious resources by offering natural, cruelty-free formulations (no animal testing) within eco-packaging (fully recyclable and biodegradable). Pevonia’s range of skin and body care encompasses all the key components a product line needs in order to cater for today’s socially and environmentally aware consumers.





Kama Asala
110 mins        
IDR 550.000
A combination tradition with the finest skin care for a relaxing experience and glowing appearance. Safe for most sensitive skin, render your skin clean and silky-soft. Balinese Massage or Reflexology –  Pevonia Creamy Body Polish – Aromatherapy Floral Bath  

Kama Asmara          
135 mins      
IDR 700.000
Restore your body’s energy flow and optimize your skin’s health and radiance with mask treatment that specifically address your skin type. Reflexology or Balinese Massage – Aromatherapy Floral Bath - Pevonia Essential Aroma Fusion Facial

Rejuvenating Dry Skin – Dry Skin Mask immediately counteracts dryness while Vitamin E and Carotene acts as repairing emollients. Revitalizing, your skin is rendered smooth and rejuvenated.
Soothing Sensitive Skin – Sensitive Skin Mask immediately calms your skin with a select combination Zinc Oxide and Shea Butter, diffuse your skin’s redness and sooth irritation for a calm and smooth appearance.
Balancing Combination Skin – Combination Skin Mask helps hydrate, brighten and purify your skin. It combines Carrot Oil, Green Apple and vitamins to effectively repair and smooth, rendering your skin remarkably radiant and perfectly balanced.
Mattifying Oily Skin – This creamy mask’s exceptional ability to regulate excess oiliness and promote a radiant skin tone. Mattifying Skin Mask combines the purifying actions of Hops, Horsetail and Vitamin E to revitalize and hydrate for a bright and healthy complexion.

Karma Soka                                                                       
135 mins       
IDR 750.000  
Immerse yourself in a total relaxing spa experience. This warm, shooting, bubbling wrap formulated to vanquish fatigue and stress. Balinese Massage or Reflexology – Pevonia Desert Heat Body Wrap –  Aromatherapy Floral Bath 

Karma Asana           
145 mins        
IDR 900.000
Relieve your stress and restore your skin’s health for a perfect glowing. This body polish gently exfoliates dead skin cells and improve circulation, rendering your skin smooth. Creamy Body Polish – Aromatherapy Bath - Pevonia Essential Aroma Fusion Facial – Back & Shoulder Massage

Karma Samaya                                                             
210 mins      
IDR 1.080.000
Head to toe indulgence for relaxing your body and radiant skin. Rejuvenating Caviar and repairing freeze-dried Escutox replenish skin while counteracting aging aggressors. 90 mins. Balinese Massage – Traditional Body Scrub – Body Shampoo – Pevonia Men’s Skin Fit Facial

All prices are quoted in Indonesian Rupiah including Tax & Service Charge